Dermatology Clinic & Fees Information

We’re happy to provide detailed information about our clinic’s location and services, as well as specifically our dermatology clinic & fees information.

Clinic & Fees Information

You’ll find fairly comprehensive Clinic & Fees Information below but if you have any specific questions not covered, please do either call (345) 745 7450 and speak to a dermatology nurse, or email

Our Main Clinic Times & Availability


Main Clinic Times

Monday to Friday:

0900 – 1300 Morning Clinic (last morning appointment is 1230)

1400 – 1700 Afternoon Clinic (last afternoon appointment is 1630)

Individual team members may attend at slightly different times.


Alternate Saturdays:

0900 – 1300 (last clinic appointment is 1230)

For appointments, or to confirm who is available, please contact (345) 745-7450 and reception will happily book you in.


Walk-in Availability

If you just show up, one of us will nearly always be available, and we will try our best to accommodate you. Because scheduled appointments are seen at their scheduled times, walk-in patients may need to be a little more patient.

The beauty of Grand Pavilion is that you may always stroll in and see us if I am available, or schedule an appointment and go enjoy our lovely inner courtyard or the many stores, cafes, and restaurants on West Bay Road.

Our Rates are STANDARD!

(See brief exceptions below)

It’s a prevalent misconception that all doctors determine their own fees and that they fluctuate for various reasons. In Cayman, insurance companies reimburse episodes of treatment at a ‘standard’ cost. The Health Insurance Commission adjusts the prices based on the nature/complexity of the consultation and, in some cases, the time of day for more emergency-type care. The present rates were established roughly 17 years ago and have not been raised since!

There are practices that definitely determine their own pricing. Except for a tiny number of exclusions, we apply the Cayman Standard Health Insurance Fee Schedule (SHIF) for all of our operations (see below). So, even though we are a senior team of specialists, our charges are standard! Only when the amount reimbursed no longer covers the cost of care do we modify our prices. That’s it, and we’re quite clear about what we’re talking about.


Exceptions or variations from standard

There are a few diagnostic tests for which the cost exceeds the amount covered by insurance. We will charge you the difference between the insurance reimbursement and the cost in these limited situations. This will always be communicated to you BEFORE one of these tests is ordered. These can happen in dermatology as the range of test options has grown considerably since the standard list was created.

Understanding what you pay

The fee we charge (not the amount you pay – see below) consists of the following components:

  • The cost of the episode’s consultation
  • The price of particular items utilized or consumed

It works fairly similarly to having your automobile maintained, in that you pay for labor and components, but the rates are established by the insurance commission!
Depending on your insurer, your insurance company will typically cover 80% of the cost (for which we will file a claim on your behalf) and you will be responsible for the other 20%, known as co-pay. The co-pay is paid to you at the end of the consultation, and the remaining is reclaimed immediately from the insurance company.

How does it work?

For a new patient, the procedure would be as follows (the only difference being that you are already registered):

  • You’ll be asked to fill out a brief registration form at reception, including your contact information and insurance information (provider, card number etc)
    (Previous patients are asked to certify there has been no change)
  • Reception will then double-check your insurance coverage to ensure we bill you the exact amount at the end.
  • Your consultation will take place, during which your records will be updated. This data is needed to create your co-pay bill as well as your insurance claim.You pay the co-pay bill, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Insurance companies occasionally have questions, and we may need to contact you later. It isn’t common, but it does happen (and it out of our hands). Most people only see our work on their health insurance statements on a regular basis.

Insurance Cover for Babies

It’s critical that you have insurance in place for your new baby before they arrive. For the first 30 days of their lives, all newborn babies are protected by their mother’s insurance policy. The sole exception is if a woman is covered under her mother’s policy, in which case the new “grandchild” will require separate insurance prior to delivery, or the family may be responsible for all expenditures.