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Being aware of our skin lumps, bumps and blemishes is a crucial part of self-care and ensuring the nasty ones get identified and treated as early as possible. And early makes a difference, so learning to recognise what needs evaluating is pretty important.

To help and become more knowledgeable, we are going to present you with a series of 12 images and each one asks you to say whether you think it is a:

  • Low risk/Benign lesion
  • Lesions with malignancy (cancer) potential
  • Malignant lesion

Just click your answer and we’ll tell you if you are right. It’s designed to be educational but also fun, and maybe even helpful to you personally if you happen to spot a spot you’ve got! You’ll get to see your result and know how well you did compared to others.

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The SkinSafe Quiz

Lesion Quiz
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Question 1

Basal Cell carcinoma

Correct answer is: Malignant lesion
Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a low-grade and slowly growing skin cancer which originates from the basal cells of the epidermis (outer layer the skin). It commonly arises in the areas that are exposed to chronic UVB radiation, especially the head and the neck. Although it very rarely metastasizes, BCCs can produce significant destruction of the skin and underlying structures such as the cartilage and bones. Treatment is usually curative although it can be challenging for advanced cases.