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Did you have any of these lesions?

If you think you have something that looks like one of the lesions with malignancy potential or a malignant lesion, make an appointment with your own dermatologist or either of our skin cancer specialists:


Dr Davide Altamura

Specialist Dermatologist
MD Dermato-Surgery
Tel: +1 (345) 745 7450 (clinic)

Dr David Altamura is a highly experienced general and specialist consultant dermatologist and dermatology surgeon, with a special interest, awards and multiple publications in the field of skin cancer and in particular Dermoscopy and the identification of both malignant and benign skin lesions.


Dr Alison Duncan

Specialist Dermatologist
Tel: +1 (345) 745 7450 (clinic)

Dr Alison Duncan is a highly experienced dermatologist with more than 12 years at consultant-level, including 7 years at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, a highly respected university service. She has considerable experience of skin issues related to darker skin pigments and an interest in skin cancer.

Organise your annual skin cancer mole mapping screening

We live in a very sunny climate and many of our population also come from locations with less sun too. Skin cancer needs to be identified early. The difference between early localised diagnosis and later diagnosis with spreading is the difference between 98% Survival at 5 years versus 23% Survival. The backbone of early diagnosis is a simple, swift, non-invasive process called Automated Total Body Dermoscopy and guess what? After you’ve done it the first time, each year when you get your annual check, it will automatically tell you if lesions have changed too. It’s a true gold standard in screening technology and our specialists use the very latest AI-driven version.

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Book your Mole Mapping Appointment Online

You may discover more about the service here: Skin Cancer Screening & Assessment

If you have not visited us before, you will be asked for some basic details. If you are an existing patient, enter your details and the system will find you! All Mole Mapping Appointments are conducted at our Grand Pavilion clinic, Hibiscus Way Entrance, South Side, The Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre, 802 West Bay Road. Tel. (345) 745 7450

Book with Dr Davide Altamura

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